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Contents Fall/Winter 2015

Health & Safety
  Hanging on a Heartbeat
  Strategies to survive cardiac arrest
  Gray Matters
  New report identifies ways to help stay mentally sharp

Education & Social Issues
  Immigrants and Their Integration Into U.S. Society
  The ups and downs of becoming American
  Strengthening Science & Technology at the State Department
  The critical roles of S&T in diplomacy

Environment & Resources
  Improving the National Flood Insurance Program
  Two reports evaluate options for the future
  Antarctica and the Southern Ocean
  Top research goals for NSF's Antarctic program

Engineering & Technology
  Industries on the Move
  A look at two critical modes of freight transportation
  Moving From the Pump to the Plug
  What would put more plug-ins on the road?

  Initiative on Human Gene Editing
  Hundreds attend international summit; comprehensive consensus study gets underway

Brief Takes
  -- Gulf Research Program Awards First Fellowships and Grants
  -- National Academy of Medicine Established

New Publications

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